Meet BEAN!

Platypus Tours

Winery Pet Spotlight

Bean at Grgich Hills Estate

I live in: St. Helena, California

I found my Forever Home: when mom fell in love with

my crazy cowlicks and long lashes.

My Age is: I’m 5 years old, born on Valentines Day

My Breed is: Labradoodle

My Favorite Toy is: A stick!

My Favorite Food is: anything edible!!!

My Favorite wine to lick off the floor is: Zinfandel

My Favorite thing to chase is: another dog but when I’m running solo I’ll chase a stick

What I do to Relax: sleeping on the cold cellar floor

The Naughtiest thing Ive ever done is: Taking crackers from the hands of guests hands and upsetting them.

My partners in crime include: Zucchini

I like Dreaming about….: Chasing Birds on the Beach and swimming in a lake…



About sommertpyszora

I am a mother who loves her "mommy's helper" my wine...and I like all wine, yes, including cheap wines just when I feel I'm lacking protein. Wine connoisseurs would understand! My passion beyond my family is writing and the world surrounding the arts in most categories.
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