Currently in the Wine Valley, Veraison is taking place!  This is in fact the most beautiful part of the annual seasons.  According to Wikipedia via the internet, the definition for Veraison is as follows-   “change of color of the grape berries”…This process is commonly known as the changes from growth to ripening.

While the white wine grapes of course stay green, the red wine grapes showcase the most breathtaking transition.  Enjoy the transitioning natural beauty that Veraison of the grapes brings to the Wine Country.

Crush season coming soon! 7.16.PeteK.PinotWithVeraison


About sommertpyszora

I am a mother who loves her "mommy's helper" my wine...and I like all wine, yes, including cheap wines just when I feel I'm lacking protein. Wine connoisseurs would understand! My passion beyond my family is writing and the world surrounding the arts in most categories.
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