Bring Me Home! ~Pet Adoptions in Napa Valley~

Success stories happen every single day for these homeless animals however its still not always enough.  Platypus Tours has joined forces in the effort with the Napa Valley Animal Shelter by creating an app on Facebook called Bring-Me-Home! (Please check it out).  Here on this app you can search a gallery of animals which are currently adoptable.

We love to hear about adoption stories and plan to add these stories to our social media and blog whenever they come our way.  We would like to proudly announce the adoption of Missy!!! Missy was previously homeless since April this year…now she is home safe and very much loved by a new family.

Bring Me Home!

Bring Me Home!


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I am a mother who loves her "mommy's helper" my wine...and I like all wine, yes, including cheap wines just when I feel I'm lacking protein. Wine connoisseurs would understand! My passion beyond my family is writing and the world surrounding the arts in most categories.
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