Attention White Wine Lovers

Napa Valley and Sonoma Valley are renowned worldwide for their amazing red wines, and that’s what many people tend to seek out when visiting the region. But there’s also some fantastic whites on offer as well, that don’t get as much attention. As a result, many white wine lovers coming to the area for wine tasting often have to “settle” for having maybe one white wine included in a tasting flight at any given winery.

Well not any longer. White wine lovers can now enjoy white wine only wine tours courtesy of Napa Valley White Wine Tours – where you can experience a lively tour of three of the Napa Valley’s most beautiful and iconic wineries!

This is a very social tour, and you will most likely be getting to know your fellow tour guests and interacting with them and with the winery staff. At each winery, you will be able to taste a full flight of white wines, or a full flight of red wines (if you must), or a mixed flight of whites and reds. The choice is yours!

The tour price is $75 per person. The winery tastings are additional ($35 for all three). Your tour driver will be on hand to provide you with a great deal of local color, history and wine making information. And, of course, a leisurely romp through three magnificent and iconic wineries.

Lunch selections are offered along the tour’s second and third stops.

More information about the wineries and special white wine tour can be found at Cheers!


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