Spring Has Sprung in Wine Country

Ah Spring! It is time for our annual look ahead to the coming season and what we might do to ensure the best possible tour experiences for our guests this year.

Which brings up some brisk discussions about the wineries we visited last year and what new wineries we’d like to bring into our family of destinations in 2012. (It always comes back to the wineries!)

Here is one of the new additions that we are very excited to be showing our guests now:

Tres Sabores: This is a lovely, rustic, family-owned winery with very pleasing bohemian charm. It is located in a very beautiful nestled corner of the Rutherford Appellation, up against the Mayacamas Mountains. In addition to grapes, they have fruit trees (pomegranates!) and very eclectic gardens. They also raise sheep and guinea hens on the property. The winery was founded by Julie Johnson and her husband, Jon Engleskirger. Julie had previously been a founder and owner of Frog’s Leap Winery. She is the winemaker and is very much involved with all aspects of the growing of the grapes as well.

I have been courting this winery as a tour destination for a couple of years now. I started hearing about it from friends I have in the wine industry and I went to visit one day when my father and sister were up visiting. I loved the wine and I loved the winery and I was really taken with the whole personality of the place.

The specialty here is Zinfandel. They also serve Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Sirah and a very tasty Zinfandel called ¿Por que No?

Don’t miss this one!

Posted by Don Rickard 3/25/12

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